Posted by: acoss | January 13, 2010

Atlantic Linux User Groups – LUGs

Many users of technologies, such as HAM radio, have formed groups or fan clubs in their local area to share insights, offer each other technical support and promote the virtues of their passion.

One type of popular technology group are Linux User Groups (LUG).  LUGs are groups that support and promote the use of the Linux operating system in their local area. Group members often will meet once or twice a month to discuss new developments in the Linux field and to discuss technical issues they are having with their peers. Many LUGs are formed at college and university campuses by computer science students, while others are formed by general hobbyists within a city or other geographic area.

LUGs around the world also organize conferences and events. One particular type of event common to LUGs are Installfests, an event where people are encouraged to bring their PC to have Linux installed by people familiar with the operating system. These events can vary from small groups to large exhibitions with corporate sponsors.

Below is a list of two LUGs in the Atlantic region. If anyone knows of any other active LUGs in the Atlantic provinces, please let us know in the comments.

St. John’s Linux User Group – NewFoundLand & Labrador

Nova Scotia Linux User Group


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