Posted by: acoss | January 24, 2010

Marketplace Spotlight #1 – Nova Scotia

Marketplace SpotlightMarketplace Spotlight will be a recurring post that highlights open source software products in the local market. This post will look at a few businesses selling products with open source software in Nova Scotia.


Dymaxion, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been consulting and providing IT business solutions since 1973. Dymaxion is currently selling an all-in-one small and meduim business IT solution server called the IBM Lotus Foundations Start. The server uses SUSE Enterprise Linux and is (but not limited to) an email, file, backup, print, VPN, antivirus and firewall solution for a company with 2-500 users. The system was developed to provide IT services to a small company that lacks much or any IT support on site, reducing downtime and simplifying administration. Dymaxion has helped install the IBM Lotus Foundations Start server for engineering firms, a construction firm and a non-profit group. You can visit their offices to view an in-house demonstration, visit the link below to learn more.

Dymaxion – IBM Lotus Foundation Start server

Robotnik Computers

Robotnik Computers, located in the Bayer’s Lake Industrial Park in Halifax, has been taking orders for custom built PC’s with Ubuntu Linux. They offer two systems, one with an AMD processor and another with an Intel, each $299 and $315 respectively, before taxes and the EHF. Each system comes with 1 Gig of DDR2 RAM, 160 Gig SATA hard drive, and a DVD R/W drive. On the order page you can customize the specs of the system to your liking if you require more power. Once you put in your order, your system will be built and you can pick it up or have it delivered in a few days. You also have the option of ordering the systems without Ubuntu installed if  you prefer to install your distro of choice. See the links below for each system for more information.

Robotnik Basic Linux – Intel

Robotnik Basic Linux – AMD

Parker’s Satellite Tech Company

lastly, Parker’s Satellite Tech Company in Coldbrook, NS, doesn’t provide systems with Linux, but they do advertise on their site that you can purchase notebook systems without an OS. They suggest you can install your own copy of Linux or Windows.

Parker’s Satellite Tech Company – Notebooks


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