Posted by: acoss | February 5, 2010

Open Radio – CKDU’s Open Source Radio Guide

CKDU Radio hosts an open source radio reference website

CKDU Radio hosts an open source radio reference website

CKDU Radio is a community radio station in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Created as an alternative to commercial radio, CKDU’s programming is an eclectic mix of indie music shows, fringe political talk shows and other types of programming. CKDU also serves as the campus radio station for Dalhousie University, where the station began as a radio club in the 50’s. The station is run by a large group of community volunteers and by students of Dalhousie University.

In 2003, CKDU began using only open source software to run the station, except for a few items that required proprietary products. Everything from audio production, voice mail management and office administration was moved to open source products.

In the spirit of openness, the station created a website called Open Radio in 2006. Authored by Stephen Kelly, a broadcasting technician at CKDU at the time, the site offers how-tos and product suggestions on setting up a radio station operation using open source software. The site has directions on how to set up such things as mp3 audio logging for archiving and accessibility solutions on Linux for the visually impaired. Examples of how CKDU implemented the products into their operation and issues they encountered are provided throughout the material.

Visit Open Radio and the CKDU website below to learn more.

Open Radio

CKDU Radio website


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