Posted by: acoss | February 12, 2010

Nova Scotia Provincial Library posts LTS setup walk through

Nova Scotia Public Library posts LTS walk through

Nova Scotia Provincial Library posts LTS walk through

The Nova Scotia Provincial Library and the Nova Scotia Department of Education have posted a setup walk through for public libraries to configure a Linux Terminal Server (LTS) using Ubuntu Linux. Using a LTS, public libraries can turn old and new computers into thin clients, computers that recieve most of their software remotely from a server. The server provides the desktop enviroment to the user on the thin client, instead of the enviroment being installed to each local computer. Changes to the thin clients can then be made once on the server instead of having to install software individually to each computer.

Library patrons can then browse the web and check their email more securely as their computers are using Linux instead of Windows. Using Linux means there is significantly less risk of Trojans and malware infecting the thin clients. If the systems were to be compromised, the thin clients can be quickly cleaned by the server pushing down a fresh software image once the computers are logged off.

You can view the walk through in progress at the link below.

Setting up a LTS (Linux Terminal Server) for public libraries

Image by Kaytethinks (Flickr) – Creative Commons – Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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