Posted by: acoss | February 21, 2010

Marketplace Spotlight #4 – Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd.

Marketplace SpotlightEngineering Technologies Canada Ltd. (ETC) is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm with a focus on environmental engineering. Located in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, ETC offers services and products for geographical information projects, environmental engineering assessments and specialized electronics design. The company has been involved in projects such as municipal waste water treatment system development, geographical mapping and forensic accident investigation drag sled development.

Open source software and the Linux operating system are a major focus at ETC. They offer many services and products that incorporate the use of Linux, including training.  ETC specializes in the use of Linux in embedded hardware products, specifically with the distribution uClinux which was developed for use in embedded and micro-controller systems.

ETC has a product called the LBOX, a production ready system using uClinux on a 4×5 board that can be customized to fit the clients needs. The standard LBOX contains a processor, ram, flash memory, network switch, Ethernet ports and a fiber port. The client can have this standard setup customized for their specific needs for use in development or production.

Additionally, ETC has developed the world’s first Linux based drag sled. A drag sled is used by police and other investigators to gather forensic data at vehicle crash sites. The device electronically measures skid length and friction conditions to help investigators determine the cause of vehicle accidents. ETC assisted in developing the DART LX-1 for IMPACT Data Systems Inc.Located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The DART LX-1 uses embedded Linux and gives the user a web interfeace to the device, avoiding the need for specialized client side software to access the recorded data. A video demonstrating the DART LX-1 drag sled can be viewed here.

These are only a few examples of the OSS use at ETC. To learn more about Engineering Techologies Canada Ltd, visit their site at the link below.

Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd.


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