Posted by: acoss | March 21, 2010

New Brunswick School District 16 Moves To Drupal Website Management

New Brunswick's School District 16 implements Drupal web content management for a more efficient online presence

John D. Kershaw, Deputy Minister for the New Brunswick Department of Education (Anglophone Sector), has written an article about the recent move to the open source Drupal website content management platform by School District 16. The school district manages 21 schools and three alternate sites with students in primary to grade 12 within the east central area of New Brunswick.

In the article, published on the website, Mr. Kershaw describes the improvements that District 16 have experienced in online communication from implementing Drupal. Before using Drupal, the district had an issue with different school websites not posting frequent updates. This was often due to under trained staff and lack of time to update pages. Since implementing Drupal, they now have a robust and easy to use content management platform to communicate with teachers, students and parents. The system is so robust, there is even a mobile device component, allowing parents and students to access school information from anywhere.

Read the Deputy Minister’s article from the link below.

School district boosts Web strategy with open source software

New Brunswick’s School District 16 website


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