Posted by: acoss | March 25, 2010

UPEI, Mark Leggott, Open Source, Islandora & Mr. Potato Head

Mark Leggott likens the mix-and-match nature of open source software to Mr. Potato Head

How would you describe open source software projects? To Mark Leggott, University of Prince Edward Island’s (UPEI) University Librarian, they are a lot like the toy Mr. Potato Head. In a recent article posted on the UPEI’s Office of Research Development website, he compares open source software:

“In a way, Mr. Potato Head is a perfect metaphor for open-source software,” says Leggott with a grin. “One team builds the core software, then releases it to the world, asking: what could you stick in this thing to make it better?”

Leggott goes on to describe an open source project developed at UPEI called Islandora, a document management and archiving platform. Using Drupal and Fedora software as a core, Islandora can handle large amounts of documents no matter what format they are in. It is currently used to manage UPEI’s digital document collections, as well with other projects such as a local history archive and a local scholarly publications repository. Islandora is also being used at the University of New Brunswick and University College Dublin. Leggott will soon use funds from the Atlantic Innovation Fund organization to create a commercial company to offer support services to clients using Islandora.

Follow the link below to read the full article at the UPEI Office of Research Development website.

Mr. Potato Head: champion of open-source technology

Update (May 3, 2010) UPEI shares the 2010 CACUL Innovation Achievement Award prize for Islandora.

Photo by Ian Muttoo, creative commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic



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