Posted by: acoss | May 22, 2010

tintedGreen Developing Linux Based Desktop Virtualization System-in-a-box

Mike Lovell of tintedGreen is developing a Linux based all-in-one virtualized desktop device codenamed "greenBox"

Environmentally minded IT conslutant Mike Lovell, owner of tintedGreen computer consulating, is currently developing a Linux based desktop virtulization “system-in-a-box” code named “greenBox”. He began to think about building the product after his work with the Halifax CAP association when they developed a virtual desktop deployment system together, covered on this blog previously . He is attempting to build a product that is “an all-in-one solution that is cheap, easy to deploy, and environmentally friendly.” The hope is to produce a box that can quickly be installed at a site, such as a school or community internet access site, that can provide virtual desktops across a network without the need for substantial overhead and support. According to his blog, he is currently working with Ubuntu Linux and Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) to develop the software stack for the device. A demo of the unit may be on display this September at the Atlantic Eco-Expo, taking place at the Cunard Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Learn more about tintedGreen’s development of the product on Mike Lovell’s blog below.

View Lovell’s demonstration of a LTSP system deploying a virtual Windows 7 desktop to a laptop at the link below.

Image by Moe_, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic



  1. […] Mike Lovell of tintedGreen Technologies is deomonstrating his prototype virtual desktop all-in-one box tentatively called greenBox at the Atlantic Eco-Expo this weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The system will be a complete virtulization solution, ready out of the box to stream and distribute virtual Windows and Linux desktops to PC’s on the client’s network, using Ubuntu Linux and Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). The system was covered in a previous posting. […]

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