Posted by: acoss | June 23, 2010

Patient Record Management With OSCAR McMaster At PEI Medical Practice

Dr. Robert Coull in PEI uses OSCAR McMaster to manage his practice's patient records.

OSCAR McMaster is an open source electronic medical record (EMR) management and billing system. The software is licensed under GPL V2 and is CMS 2.0 spec. government certified for funding in Ontario. OSCAR was developed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, with version 1.0 being released in 2002. The system is intended for family doctor practices and medical clinics that do not require large, expensive enterprise grade hospital EMR systems. OSCAR uses a LAMP server, allowing doctors and staff to access records and billings through a web interface on their computer’s browsers, making it client OS netural. For a small practice, the costs of setting up an OSCAR implementation can be exceptionally low compared to other EMR products. An office may only need a PC to act as the server, a consumer grade network switch or router and a few client PCs to implement the setup.

Dr. Robert Coull of the Sherwood Family Medical Center in Charlottown, PEI uses the OSCAR McMaster system to manage the center’s patient records. Dr. Coull also advocates the benefits of OSCAR McMaster on his blog, OSCAR PEI Users. On the blog the doctor highlights how the software can benefit medical practices through better patient record management. He points out in detail in the introduction post the three main advanatages of the software: safety, chronic disease management/prevention and efficiency. He also provides example scenarios that outline the potential investment costs to implementing OSCAR in practices of various sizes.

Dr. Coull also maintains a second blog that shares technical information and tips for using OSCAR McMaster at the OscarPEI Technical Blog. This separate blog is meant for the technical users of OSCAR, such as technicians that would maintain the servers. Dr. Coull uses the blog to discuss items such as server migration, automation of data processes and maintaining security of confidential patient records.

Visit the the OSCAR PEI users group

Visit the OscarPEI Technical Blog

Visit the official OSCAR McMaster website


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