Posted by: acoss | August 17, 2010

Norex And The Dashboard Framework

Norex has developed the Dashboard framework to rapidly make online solutions.

Established in 2000, Norex is “a Canadian integrated marketing, social media strategy, & web development company”. The company was formed by three Saint Francis Xavier graduates, set up shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has since branched to a second office in Calgary, Alberta. Norex has provided marketing and online services for clients such as Neptune Theatre, the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Open Source software and its philosphy are an important part of Norex’s way of doing business. They have used many open source packages since starting the business to create solutions for their clients. After working with many of those software packages, Norex felt they could develop one of their own that would better meet their needs and that of their clients.

They created an open source framework named Dashboard. On the Dashboard website, it describes the software as a “Rapid Application Development Framework” and was “designed to make writing PHP faster and more secure by removing the repetitive parts of programming from the development cycle”. The framework incorporates tools for “CMS, eCommerce, blogs & SEO” solutions as well as others. The software is currently at version 2.2.0, is licensed under the GPL V3 and revisions are managed with the GIT system. Setup requires a server with PHP and MySQL present.

With the Dashboard framework in hand, Norex is able to offer services to clients with a higher degree of support and customization without having to rely on a third party such as when using other software. They promote this as one of their keys to offering superior results to its clients over their competition. Also believing in open source, they gladly share and promote the software with the community.

Learn more about the Dashboard framework at the link below

Learn more about Norex at the link below

Image from the Dashboard Web Application Framework website



  1. I’m glad to hear they are supporting open source. Anything to help reduce the repetitive amount of coding PHP demands would be a big help!

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