Posted by: acoss | October 24, 2010

CBC Nova Scotia News Use Linux Based Weather Reporting Software


CBC Nova Scotia News use Linux based WSI TruVu Titan software to produce their weather reporting media.


October 23, 2010, an open house was held at the Halifax CBC Nova Scotia building. The open house event invited the public to visit the building and view the people and equipment used in the production of programs such as the local news and This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

While visiting the weather reporting area, I noticed the computers used by meteorologist Peter Coade were using what appeared to be a distribution of Linux. Speaking to Mr. Coade, he confirmed that the computers he uses to produce the weather prediction animations and data for the daily news broadcasts are in fact Linux setups. He was unsure of the specific distribution, but did know that the system was produced by the Boston based company WSI. He also said that the system was one of the best meteorological media production systems he has used.

From what I saw, it appears that CBC Nova Scotia uses the WSI TruVu Titan 3.0 system to produce it’s weather data and animations. Researching online, it could be that the software may be running on a version of the CentOS Linux distribution with the ICEWM windows manager.

Below are photos of the desktops and a video of Peter Coade talking about his system setup with the visitors.



  1. Hi there just wanted you to know I’ve created a Facebook group for all Linux Users in nova Scotia, please feel free to join, ask questions, post comments videos, pictures etc..

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